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Are you a furry? Do you like whisky (or whiskey)? Then this community is for you!

Are you a furry? Do you like whisky (or whiskey)? Then this community is for you!

Anything relating to whisk(e)y is welcome here. Post about your experiences, show off your collection, ask questions, write reviews, or just engage in smalltalk.

Looking for anything specific? Check out our tag page!

Rules (yes, there are a few):

  • No spam.
  • No flaming, trolling etc.
  • No snobbery. We're a friendly bunch here, and don't look down on others.

Most importantly, though: have fun!

(Note: the "whisky glass" community icon is based on Glencairn_Whisky_Glass.jpg from the Wikimedia Commons. Photo taken by by Culligan1984 @ en.wikipedia, used under the terms of the cc-by 3.0 license. Thank you!)

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