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Whisky furries - furs who enjoy the water of life
23rd-Sep-2011 12:30 am
This isn't technically about whisky, but since Drambuie is a whisky liqueur, I figure it's close enough. ;)

I've got a miniature bottle of Drambuie here that I've just opened. It's quite nice, and doesn't taste nearly as alcoholic as most actual whiskies do, so I found myself wondering just how much alcohol it contains in the first place. The bottle says "40°", which I'd interpret as 40 proof (20% ABV); however, Wikipedia and pretty much every other source I've been looking at say it's 80 proof (40% ABV).

The only exception is this site, which also says it's 40 proof. Can anyone shed some light on this? Are there several varieties, perhaps for different markets? Or was there a 40 proof variety in the past that isn't sold anymore nowadays?

I'm curious. :)
23rd-Sep-2011 07:22 pm (UTC)
*nodnods* Yeah, that makes sense... I'm just still confused because my bottle says "40°" (or is that supposed to mean "40% ABV"?), and also because the stuff didn't taste THAT alcoholic.

ABV percentages around 20% are not uncommon, either, BTW. Baileys has 17% ABV, for instance; I'm not really familiar with most other liqueurs, but a lower alcohol content compared to things like whisky etc. was always a defining characteristic for me. :)

As for the Drambuie, maybe I should buy a bottle that is unambiguously labelled as 40% ABV and compare. :)
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