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10th-Mar-2013 06:07 pm - Christmas (bit late, I know)
It may be just a tad late now, but I wanted to share what I got for christmas, whisky-wise: a (large) bottle of GlenDronach 15-year old Revival, and a (small, 0.2l) bottle of Glenkinchie 12-year old.

Did anyone else get any gifts of whisky, for christmas or otherwise? Or did you try something new and interesting? Feel free to share!
11th-Nov-2012 10:05 pm - Whisky Advent Calendar
This is really rather neat: an advent calendar that doesn't contain chocolate but rather 24 whisky samples, a different one for each day. :)

The really are just samples, too, weighing in at 0.03 l apiece instead of the usual 0.04 or 0.05 commonly seen in miniatures; but even then they still add up to 0.72 liters in total, nothing to be sneezed at. No word on what's inside specifically, but one whisky's apparently 50 years old — a real treat.

(Looking at various images floating around indicates that this one may be a Glenfarclas 1953 Family Cask; OTOH, a "full bottle" of that retails for much more than the 350 GBP the 50-year old whisky supposedly commands.)

Either way — if you've got 150 GBP (plus s/h) to spare, it might just be the treat you were looking for. :)
23rd-Oct-2012 09:57 pm - Highland Park 18yo
Fursona pic
Last night, I got around to trying the most expensive (£8.49) of the 5 cl miniatures I'd brought back from Scotland last month: Highland Park 18-year-old. I was mildly intimidated by this, given its price, but it was actually very nice indeed. I'm not good enough to detect the myriad complexities that the expert tasters mention, but it did live up to the "toffee" note mentioned on the bottle, if perhaps more like honey to my mind. It's certainly sweeter than many whiskies. Rich, too, but not overpoweringly so. A bit of peaty smokiness, but again not overpoweringly so. Very nice indeed, though perhaps not enough nicer than miniatures half its price for me to buy it that often.
12th-Sep-2012 11:20 pm - Gifts
canisrufus_uk visited me a while ago, and I got some lovely whisky-related gifts from him: a glencairn whisky glass (also depicted in the community's icon!), and a pair of miniatures: a 10-year old Speyburn, and a 15-year old Glendronach. Thanks, Canis. ^^

I've also finally gone ahead and gotten some miniatures for that guy I know; I settled on Glenfiddich's 12-year old for the Speyside after all and got a Glenmorangie for the Highlands, since the store I went to didn't have older Glenfiddich versions or Dalwhinnie miniatures, but I did get Springbank, Auchentoshan and Ardbeg as planned. For the islands, I settled on an Arran — I would've preferred a Jura, but didn't find a miniature of that, either. Of course, Arran is fine as well.

I'll share what he says when he gets these, but it'll be another while. :)

Maybe someone here will be able to provide some input. :) I'm thinking about what'd make a good present for a guy I know, and since he likes Lagavulin, I've got this idea of getting him a set of whisky miniatures — one each for each of the Scottish whisky regions (Speyside, Lowlands, Highlands, Campbeltown, Islay and the Islands, which I do count as a separate region myself).

So what I need now are suggestions which whiskies to use for each region! So far, I'm up to this:

  • Speyside: Glenfiddich (18 years)
  • Lowlands: Auchentoshan
  • Highlands: Dalwhinnie
  • Campbeltown: ?
  • Islay: Ardbeg
  • Islands: ?

I'm not entirely sure about the 18-year old Glenfiddich yet; Glenfiddich is very well-known, although I think most people will primarily be familiar with the 12-year old (which I like a lot less than the 18-year old, myself). For Campbeltown, I'm thinking about Springbank, but I've not decided yet. And then there's Island whiskies, of course. Arran, Isle of Jura and Talisker would all be good choices.

In addition to selecting something from each region, though, I'd also like to make sure that each whisky is representative of its region (to the extent that that's possible in the first place!), and that there is some variation across the entire board. Alas, I'm not familiar enough with most whiskies myself to make an informed choice without input from others.

So, any suggestions? Ideas? The ones already listed above are also up for debate, of course!

(Finally, I'd of course prefer whiskies that are a) still available and b) sold as miniatures in the first place.)

2nd-Mar-2012 01:14 am - What makes a "single malt", anyway?
Has anybody seen this? A friend of mine just pointed out to me that there's an auction of sorts for a very rare bottle of Dalmore, described as "The Ultimate Single Malt" and apparently made from three rare old Dalmore whiskies, distilled in 1964, 1951 and 1926 (the last one bottled at an age of 52 years).

It's an interesting idea. At the same time, it got me thinking: is this actually a single malt?

The "traditional" definition of "single malt", as far as I can tell, is "100% malt whisky, all from the same distillery". But there are other definitions floating about, too, including "whisky made from a single malting: a single batch of malted barley". Said batch might still be used for more than one still run, and no matter how many still runs there are, the individual casks that result may still be "married"; but combining different whiskies the way that is being done here would be out.

Thoughts? :)
27th-Sep-2011 12:52 am - Drambuie redux
I bought a bottle of Drambuie two days ago to be able to compare the sample I previously had — this new bottle is 40% ABV, and I think it's reasonably safe to say now that the sample was indeed 40 proof / 20% ABV. It tasted quite a bit less alcoholic than this does, although I've got to say I like the stronger variety, too.

So, that's one riddle solved. Skál!
23rd-Sep-2011 12:30 am - Drambuie?
This isn't technically about whisky, but since Drambuie is a whisky liqueur, I figure it's close enough. ;)

I've got a miniature bottle of Drambuie here that I've just opened. It's quite nice, and doesn't taste nearly as alcoholic as most actual whiskies do, so I found myself wondering just how much alcohol it contains in the first place. The bottle says "40°", which I'd interpret as 40 proof (20% ABV); however, Wikipedia and pretty much every other source I've been looking at say it's 80 proof (40% ABV).

The only exception is this site, which also says it's 40 proof. Can anyone shed some light on this? Are there several varieties, perhaps for different markets? Or was there a 40 proof variety in the past that isn't sold anymore nowadays?

I'm curious. :)
1st-Sep-2011 09:02 pm(no subject)
I had a chance to try another Islay single malt recently at Eurofurence, Ardbeg. I've got to say I liked it, too — I wasn't really able to explore its taste as much as I would've liked, but it's a whisky I'd like to try and sample again. Is anyone else familiar with it?

In addition, I decided to buy some more whiskey for myself today pretty much on a whim. I ended up getting a bottle of Tullamore Dew; it was nice when I tried it a while ago, so it'll make a good addition to my collection (if you can call it that yet).

And since I don't actually drink a lot (or often) and thus am generally a fan of smaller bottles, I also put the "Strong" Classic Malts selection (consisting of 0.2l bottles of Lagavulin's 16-year old, Talisker's 10-year old and Cragganmore's 12-year old) on my birthday wishlist. I know I like the Lagavulin quite a bit, and the Talisker's nice enough; presumably, I'll also like the Cragganmore.

Any whisk(e)y-related news from anyone else? Don't be shy, post away! :)
2nd-Aug-2011 10:50 pm - Blended whiskies
I recently got to try Ballantine's for the first time, and I've got to say I actually rather like it. The only other blended whisky I've tried so far was Johnnie Walker Black Label, which I was not that much of a fan of.

I could actually see myself getting a bottle of Ballantine's, and I may try other blends as well when there's opportunities to do so.

Does anyone else have experience with blended whiskies? Any favorites, ones you'd recommend, or ones you disliked? Post about your experiences and share your thoughts! :)
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