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Whisky furries - furs who enjoy the water of life
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25th-May-2011 05:32 pm - ScotiaCon 2011

You may or may not have heard that there'll be a furry con in Scotland starting this year, ScotiaCon (scotiaconuk on LJ).

Fittingly enough given the location, this one is being sponsored by a whisky, too, namely The Famous Grouse, probably one of the most well-known blended whiskies.

What's more, it has been announced that there'll be something special for the the whisky aficionados, too:

In partnership with The Famous Grouse, we have been provided with a very special limited edition bottle of The Famous Grouse to put up for bids in our auction. However, depending on popular demand, we might have to crack it open a bit early for all our attendees to have a sip during our “Taste Scotland” event…

So there you have it — just one more reason to register for this con (which will be held soon, from the 15th to the 17th of July this year)!

5th-May-2011 07:46 pm - Whisky links

OK, to get the ball rolling, I thought it would be worthwhile to start building a list of whisky-related links, sorted into different categories. I'll start by listing a few:

  • http://www.whiskybase.com/ — a database of whiskies, currently containing more than 20,000 different bottlings; registered users can rate these and also show off their own collections on the site if they so desire.
  • http://www.whisky.de/ — a German site home to another whisky database, whisky-related news and (last not least) The Whisky Store, one of two major German whisky webstores (that I know about).
  • http://www.scoma.de/ — the Scotch Malt Whisky GmbH, the other of the two major German whisky webstores I know.
  • http://www.malts.com/ — the Friends of the Classic Malts, a whisky appreciation society (owned by Diageo).
  • http://www.signaturemalts.com/ — the Signature Society, another whisky appreciation society (owned by Beam Global, part of Fortune Brands).

If you've got other links to share, post them here!

4th-May-2011 06:00 pm - The "introduce yourself" post
OK, to get the ball rolling, I thought I'd make an introductory post for myself. :)

I started drinking whisky perhaps half a year ago after I saw a pack of various miniatures at a local supermarket and bought it on a whim. These weren't exactly fancy, but they were interesting enough to make me want to try more.

When another, bigger supermarket had an opportunity to sample various single malts, I took advantage of the opportunity, and shortly thereafter, I bought my first "real" bottle (Glenfiddich's 15 year-old variety). I don't drink a lot – at most one glass per week, on average –, but when I eat out with the family, I sometimes take advantage of the opportunity to have a nice malt after the meal, if the restaurant's got any.

Whiskies I've tried so far include Glenfiddich (12 and 15 years), Glenfarclas (12 years), Talisker (10 years), Bruichladdich Waves, Arran (cask strength), Springbank (15 years), Smokehead, The Glenlivet, Lagavulin, two special Glenfarclas bottlings from 1988 and 1973 (this being the latter) and Glenmorangie (25 years). I've also tried a couple of others that aren't Scotch single malts, including Johnnie Walker Black Label, Jack Daniel's and Tullamore Dew.

Out of these, my favorites are probably Glenfiddich 15 years, Smokehead, Lagavulin and the old Glenmorangie.

Everyone, feel free to make introductory posts of your own! :)
4th-May-2011 02:41 pm - Welcome!

welcome everyone to the whisky_furries community! If you're not a member yet, please feel free to join up; if you are a member, post about your experiences, express your likes and dislikes, show off your collection, write reviews, ask questions, or just generally engage in whisk(e)y-related chit-chat.

The only rule to keep in mind here is that we're not a snobbish community: someone who enjoys a cheaper blended whisky is just as welcome as someone who only drinks the rarest, most expensive single malts.

So enjoy your stay, and savour your water of life!
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