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Whisky furries - furs who enjoy the water of life
Whisky Advent Calendar 
11th-Nov-2012 10:05 pm
This is really rather neat: an advent calendar that doesn't contain chocolate but rather 24 whisky samples, a different one for each day. :)

The really are just samples, too, weighing in at 0.03 l apiece instead of the usual 0.04 or 0.05 commonly seen in miniatures; but even then they still add up to 0.72 liters in total, nothing to be sneezed at. No word on what's inside specifically, but one whisky's apparently 50 years old — a real treat.

(Looking at various images floating around indicates that this one may be a Glenfarclas 1953 Family Cask; OTOH, a "full bottle" of that retails for much more than the 350 GBP the 50-year old whisky supposedly commands.)

Either way — if you've got 150 GBP (plus s/h) to spare, it might just be the treat you were looking for. :)
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