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An overview of Scotland's whisky regions 
1st-Jun-2012 01:54 pm

Maybe someone here will be able to provide some input. :) I'm thinking about what'd make a good present for a guy I know, and since he likes Lagavulin, I've got this idea of getting him a set of whisky miniatures — one each for each of the Scottish whisky regions (Speyside, Lowlands, Highlands, Campbeltown, Islay and the Islands, which I do count as a separate region myself).

So what I need now are suggestions which whiskies to use for each region! So far, I'm up to this:

  • Speyside: Glenfiddich (18 years)
  • Lowlands: Auchentoshan
  • Highlands: Dalwhinnie
  • Campbeltown: ?
  • Islay: Ardbeg
  • Islands: ?

I'm not entirely sure about the 18-year old Glenfiddich yet; Glenfiddich is very well-known, although I think most people will primarily be familiar with the 12-year old (which I like a lot less than the 18-year old, myself). For Campbeltown, I'm thinking about Springbank, but I've not decided yet. And then there's Island whiskies, of course. Arran, Isle of Jura and Talisker would all be good choices.

In addition to selecting something from each region, though, I'd also like to make sure that each whisky is representative of its region (to the extent that that's possible in the first place!), and that there is some variation across the entire board. Alas, I'm not familiar enough with most whiskies myself to make an informed choice without input from others.

So, any suggestions? Ideas? The ones already listed above are also up for debate, of course!

(Finally, I'd of course prefer whiskies that are a) still available and b) sold as miniatures in the first place.)

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